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Friday, 9 January 2015

Development Blog #0007 - Raiding Part 2

 This week I finished the raiding system.

As of this week, the AI can:
-Discover their base was raided / not theirs anymore
-Upgrade and repair multiple bases
-Built additional bases

I said I'd code the inventory storing system last week, but I didn't get around to it.  Instead I spent the time filming a few videos.  Apparently I'm going to appear in the next community update, so keep a lookout.

Next up, I'll make newmans store resources in their bases so that they aren't set back to square 1 on death.  After that, I'll implement the logg / in off system.  That will probably take up all of next week.  So, by the end of next week, I should have a reasonable representation of a Rust server :D

In this video, I summarize what this project is.

In this video I spend 17 minutes talking about Wool.

And if you're super interested in watching the simulation, 
here's 50 minutes of Wool. (48 simulated hours)


  1. You should consider doing possibly a short video series, or just a single video, on how to program an AI. This awesome project would be a perfect example since there are so many different variables, but the "Game" it self isn't complicated to where you don't have to program it in 3-D and be able to make 3-D models. I guess what i'm trying to say is that this really just focuses on the AI over everything else.

    1. That could be fun. Maybe I'll stream an AI coding session.