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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Development Blog #0001 - WLNewmanBrainRandom

Having spent about 4 hours upgrading the resource spawning code to include rudimentary biomes, here's what the simulation looks like:

Brown - Wood
Gray - Stone
Orange - Metal
Yellow - animal
Blue - newman

With another 2 hours work, I implemented the A.I. interface -- something that will let me choose a type of AI for each newman.  Also, I coded the vision system, so the newmans have limited knowledge of the map.  WLNewmanBrainRandom is the file name of the first AI to function in Wool.  It's not smart.  It chooses a random direction to walk in at each time step, and soon will gather resources.

Next steps - I'll be upgrading WLNewmanBrainRandom to pick up resources, which will allow me to test the resource respawn system, and stress test the map with lots of newmans.
After that -  I'll be too tempted not to implement the combat system, a fairly simple dice game where newmans get bonuses to their win chance with higher tier weapons and armor.  I can't wait to see the mayhem unfold at that point.

Some details you might like to know about the simulation
- each icon represent a space of 20 meters.
- I estimate it would take about 10s to jog that distance in Rust, thus each turn takes place over that long.
- I've designed the game engine to allow for high-speed simulation.  This should allow me to generate lots of data for good looking graphs.  Graphs I'll be interested in looking at include time alive vs. number of players, average time alive, average weapon tier.  My aim is to tweak things so that the average time alive is about 2 hours, with a large deviation.

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