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Friday, 12 December 2014

Development Blog #0002 - Resource Gathering

Resources can now be gathered by newmans.

The newman in the video is just using T0 gathering equipment (ie. the starting rock).
It will take him:
30s - 1 tree (15 wood)
60s - 1 stone (30 stone)
90s - 1 metal (45 metal)

So that works.  How about 16000km^2, and 100 newmans? (Actual Rust map size)

Damn, that's slow.  I'll have to upgrade the display system.

I can't wait till they attack each other.

A note about the resource spawning:
Resources respawn somewhere in the same biome after an hour of being depleted.
I chose these settings so that one is only really tempted to gather wood.  After T1 tools are crafted, things become faster to gather.
Some stats taken from the source code, in case you're interested in calculating the times for each resource. 

//| Resources

#define WLResource_amount_wood 15
#define WLResource_amount_stone 30
#define WLResource_amount_metal 45
#define WLResource_amount_animal 15

//360 = 1H
#define WLResource_respawn_wood 360
#define WLResource_respawn_stone 360
#define WLResource_respawn_metal 360
#define WLResource_respawn_animal 360

//| Gathering Tiers
#define WLTool_rate_T0 5
#define WLTool_rate_T1 8
#define WLTool_rate_T2 15
#define WLTool_rate_T3 15

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