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Friday, 10 April 2015

Development Blog #0017 - Leaderboards Part 2

If you haven't already, download WOOL - a Rust simulator for iOS

This week

I’ve been polishing up the Leaderboards update.  It’s going to have two different measures of dominance: Wealth and Efficiency.  Wealth is the sum total of everything you own, broken down into their resource costs.  Wood is worth 1 point, stone is worth 3, and metal is worth 10.  Efficiency is total wealth divided by time spent earning it.  The players with the highest efficiency are the best players — they can gather the most valuable resources in the smallest amount of time.  
I expect the update to be submitted to Apple within a week, and will be available to play a week after that.  Expect to be playing this before the end of April!  Until then, I’m always in need of additional beta testers.  If you’re interested in helping test Wool, send your UDID to  

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